OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN : The New Diva Of The Week!

Legendary Olivia Newton-John is the new Diva Of The Week On Music Is My Life – Divas And Other Beings!

Lots will happen, during a predictable two week feature! So you are more than welcome to join the fun!

Moreover, “Physical” is available to be voted on our Divas Chart too!

Its Livvy love, and we count on everyone to celebrate the life, music, talent of Olivia, a true real Diva!

Olivia has won Divas Battle ( Gane 1 Round 5), with 52, 56% of the total votes, which is amazing!

More amazing when we know who her contenders were, 4 Legends:

Mariah Carey, so loved and so hated by millions, got 25% of the votes. Even so, we have requests to have a Mariah week too!

Nina simone, is unique and one of the most talented Divas ever. She got 14,11% of the votes, which is unfair!

The same happens to the great Chrissie Hynde, the leader of the Pretenders, which one voted by 4,48% of the readers!

PJ Harvey was the less voted, with 3,8% of the total votes.

Lets join Music Is My Life – Divas And Other Beings…and have fun!

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