Olivia Newton-John’s AIDS Anthem Remixed.

Olivia Newton-John was ahead of the pack in many ways years before any of her contemporaries thought of jumping on the social issue band wagon. Back in the day early, even before Physical, she canceled shows in Japan because of the slaughter of dolphins, she was the first UN environment ambassador and has always been an avid protector and educator for the environment AND one of the first, if not, the actual first singer to have a song which focused on the issue of AIDS.

The original track appears on the 1988 album, “The Rumour”, a unique pop album directed at adults. The idea of tackling issues like AIDS, single parenting and ageing within the context of trashy pop album is really quite revolutionary. Olivia’s touching AIDS anthem, “Love And Let Live”, inspired fans well before AIDS advocacy became trendy.

Coincidently, I’ve remixed this track with a track from the amazing Dave Aude who is currently working on a new version of Olivia’s massive 1980 hit “Magic”. Olivia will only feature on the track called “You Have To Believe” as the lead singer is her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi.

Can’t wait to hear it.


Many Thanks to David Estrada for the artwork

Get a free download here: https://soundcloud.com/onj-remixes/love-and-let-live-mirror-balls-dave-aude-remix

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