Our Review Of MAXI MADONNA Remix Collection

Rather than give a review to each Amazing Track. My personal Review is based on the whole Spectacular Album & I mean it; it IS Spectacular!!
I knew this would be Special as Maxim does everything exactly the way he wants to do his Remix using his Favourite Disco Style.
With Dance House pop-synth-pop, Deep Dance & classic electro and some techno.
Now… I am not experienced at all in explaining each of these styles; I just recognise some.
Nu Disco is the most influential throughout. (House/Disco music tempos have a really feel-good rhythm; that I think EVERYONE WILL AGREE WITH ON THIS ALBUM)
THIS: Is An Almighty blend of Perfect Tracks. Remixed showing off ALL of his skills and experience as a DJ, Producer, Remixer, Artist, Actor/Host.
Love them all
HUNG UP ( Revisits new wave sounds so classy I want to Dance to this seeing him doing a Live Set Mix)…. love love love it.
Get Together
Turn up the Radio
Ghosttown vs Pyrroglaux – wow at 1:48 into this I am Hooked.
Catchy beats, heart pounding, feel good, chique, clever songs. A perfect collection of Dancefloor fillers.
You can feel how he does these in his own way, not following trends… He has a spiritual soul and body touch to each one.
To sum up Maxim Andreev;
This album and new sounds and NU DISCO seduces the ears with a Madonna Journey that has Style, Etiquette, Mature with some songs like MESSIAH that are inclusive of a chilled out ambient with a build up and breakdown, followed to a fabulous climax.
It is most definitely about one of the Grooviest Albums I have heard.
By: Mary H. Clarke 9th May 2017

Maxi Madonna Remix Collection is a Remix Collection created by Driekus Chaterlain. Read his own words presenting it:

This album was in the making for a long time..
And i have finally finished it with all Maxim’s greatest remixes.
I came in contact with him through Facebook, He gave me a lot of remixes, the ones he liked most and i made it into a double cd album.
The artwork i think is one of my best he provided not only the remixes but also the photo’s i used for the artwork.
So yes i made this album with his permission.
The album has 30 of his best Madonna remixes a must have for every fan.
His you tube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/maximlm86
His facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/djmaximandreev/
Let me introduce (if you don’t know him) Maxim Max Andreev.
When you listen to a catchy beat of Deep House, EDM, Progressive Electro and Nu Disco you should know that it’s Maxim Andreev aka Pyrroglaux. TV-host, artist, producer, DJ, his tracks were included in compilations released across the Globe. Maxim collaborated with Army Of Lovers, Gravitonas, DJ Mario Leonard, Canadian rapper J-Criss, French disco-diva Patsy Gallant, Julia Volkova and Lena Katina (Tatu), bands Gradusi and NuAngels. His remixes of Adele, Madonna, Britney Spears were actively played on European dancefloors. Maxim has participated in Swiss Eurovision pre-selection with his project Brain Market and singer Teu. The secret of Maxim’s success not following popular trends but doing what his likes to do.
So i am proud to present MaxiMadonna The Remix Collection
Enjoy this album Maxim is a very talented producer.

And, enjoy the artwork:

To have this gem, just join

Madonna The Supreme Real Music Diva

Madonna Empire

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