PET SHOP BOYS The Pop Kids Extending By derekbd

Thanks so much for the talent, Mr. derekbd

In his own words:

Oh my WORD, how TPK is infecting me with dancey happy vibes and causing me to jump and bounce all over the place! Another instant classic to my mind/ears.
There’s something about the way our Boys can create something so new and fresh and yet so, in a way, simple. It’s as if the song always existed, they just extracted it from the ether, the zeitgeist, the collective dreams and desires of all of us cheering mad happy fans. Music and lyrics that are self-referencing, yet not smug or conceited, just joyous and life-affirming, that sing about themselves, our lives, our loves, our past, our future, our hopes and wishes – our destiny. AH I am just MAD with ecstasy! I wonder if it shows. smile emoticon
Whenever the radio version ends I can just hear that sudden drop of the final “loved you…” immediately followed by the “oh oh oh”s of the chorus, so I made a simple extended version. How I love this track!
Remember this is not a fancy remix as I don’t have that talent, just a simple extended version.

The Pop Kids extending by Derek B Donnell

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