P!NK Listen To The New Song “White Rabbit” – Alice Through the Looking Glass trailer 2

“Alice Through The Looking Glass” is a new Disney movie (By the great Tim Burton) which includes in its soundtrack “White Rabbit” , a new song by Diva P!nk. The song is a classic by Jefferson Airplane and the new version was a challenge to P!nk. Which she won.

Today on her Facebook Page, P!nk posted the second trailer of the movie, on which you can listen to the song:

P!nk – Alice Through the Looking Glass trailer 2

Check out the song “White Rabbit” I recorded for the film Alice Through The Looking Glass in this brand new trailer! Disney Alice #ThroughTheLookingGlass http://fandan.co/22YfgwU

Posted by P!nk on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Watch also the Behind The Scenes video with P!NK recording the song:

Amazingly, i have noticed this is our first post on P!nk in one year. A lady that i love! I should be spanked!

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