Preview The New JIMMY SOMERVILLE Lovers Unlimited – EP

Legendary Jimmy Somerville is back with a five track EP:

1 As Long As I Breathe 4’34
Sidney Bishop | The Faithettes | Jimmy Somerville | John Winfield
2 Don’t Hold Back 3’41
Caroline Buckley | Jimmy Somerville | John Winfield
3 Head Over Heels 4’03
Sidney Bishop | Jimmy Somerville | John Winfield
4 Give Me Your Hand To Hold 4’42
The Faithettes | Jimmy Somerville | John Winfield
5 Somebody’s Lover Now 3’42
Matthew David | Gillian Wisdom | Jimmy Somerville | John Winfield

If you love Jimmy`s voice, you will be enchanted by track number 5.

According to canal blog Jimmy Somerville,Jimmy has teamed with John Winfield and they have a little team called Hotplate production,
and now they present an EP with:
The Faithettes, Matthew David, Gillian Wisdom,
Caroline Buckley and Sidney Bishop.

The Faithettes are Paloma Faith’s live band with Nim Miller, Miss Baby Sol and Janelle Martin on backing vocals, who also appear on Jimmy Somerville last album ‘Homage’.

Please follow the link HERE

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