Remember MADONNA Singing Twice At The Oscars Academy Awards Ceremony?

Do you remember that Madonna performed two brilliant songs at the Oscars Academy Awards Ceremony? Everyone is publishing Lady Gaga`s performance at yesterday`s ceremony. We, at The Real Music Divas are different, so we will simply post about Madonna!

Back in 1991, Madonna performed “Sonner Or Later” (I Always Get My Man), from the “Dick Tracy” Original soundtrack, “I´m Breathless”. She was brilliant in a Marilyn Monroe-inspired performance with a mix of Breathless Mahoney! I remember watching it in a loop, over and over. I also remember she watched that ceremony sat next to Michael Jackson.At the 63rd Academy Awards held on March 25, 1991, the song won an Oscar for Best Original Song, awarded to Stephen Sondheim.

Six years after, back in 1997, Madonna returned to perform ” You Must Love Me”, from “Evita” Soundtrack. Her voice was different, after the lessons she took to become an unforgettable “Evita”. It is a song that still brings me to tears and she was a true and real Diva. Evita earned five Oscars nominations, winning best original song for the Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd Webber composition “You Must Love Me.” Madonna won a Golden Globe for playing the titular role in Evita but was snubbed when the Oscars announced the best actress nominations for that year.

To all the fans, these two Madonna moments are important. Because they know how Madonna felt about winning an Oscar at that time. And she was fighting for it giving everybody and example of living and achieving our dreams.

I respect Lady Gaga much more after her role in “American Horror Story: Hotel”. She has a better voice than madonna. But she misses the Madonna sparkle. Although, i am sure she will become a Diva too in the future.

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