Madonna Remixers United Present Save My Soul !

Madonna Remixers United has just released Madonna – Save My Soul!

This is a really special project, Why?

1) Its a true Labour Of Love;

2) Mary Hazel Clarke is one of the executive Producers. Mary is also an administrator at Madonna The Supreme Real Music Diva. But, above all, she is a true friend. And a really talented and devoted human being . To whom she loves. To what she loves!

3) Roman Nurmemägi is also an executive producer, being also an Administrator at the Group refered above. Roman is talented and you should check his work, if you are loosing it!

4) The Existence of three tematic brilliant EPS!

5) More than 30 remixes were unreleased to date!

6) All Remixes are brilliant!

7) The reference to talented Lukesavant!

8) Madonna… really Saved My Soul…and Life!

Madonna Remixers United Presents….
Madonna “Save My Soul”

Please listen to each E.P. in order
(SIN, SPIRITUALITY, SALVATION) and read the Madonna excerpts on each to truly discover and appreciate how, thanks to the talent & skill of our Remixers, One Icon finally gets her Story told…

..she has been tempted to SIN,
but through her SPIRITUALITY,
she has achieved SALVATION.

Executive Produced by Roman Nurmemägi & Mary Hazel Clarke exclusively for Madonna Remixers United

Released June 13, 2018

Part I – SIN:
1-Burning Up (Sartori’s Passion on Fire Mix)
2-Secret (DeepSoundEffect 2018 Remix)
3-Attraction, Longing & Lust (D’LuxeDJ’s Mother Mary Mix)
4-Trust No Bitch (Lukesavants Betrayed 2018 RMX)
5-Justify My Love (Southmind’s Sinful Mix)
6-Voices (Lycan’s Schizophrenic Mashup)
7-Sorry (Anton Aklin Has Heard It All Before Mix)
8-Nobody Knows Me (Sartori’s Social Disease Club RmX)
9-Celebration (Gabriel Spender’s Salvation Remix)
10-Love Spent (Dave Mladi Sin In My Soul Remix)
11-Words Against You (The Beast Within Raugez Techno Remix)
12-Frozen (Roman’s Dark Heart LoFi Remix by Marudororu)
13-Addicted (FineLine Dubstep Remix)
14-Devil Pray (Barbous Devil Sins Remix)

Part I – SIN:

1-Heaven (Sartori Angel’s Cry Peace Mix)
2-Take A Bow (3PM Remix)
3-The Spirit of Messiah (Rising Sun Remix)
4-Sky Fits Heaven (Loka Nunda Karma Remix)
5-Angel (Lukesavant’s Save My Soul 2018 RMX)
6-Love Profusion (DJ Marauder Salvation Remix)
7-Like A Prayer (Maxim Andreev Remix)
8-Love Spent (DJ Marauder Spending Love Remix)
9-You’ll See (Lukesavant’s Save My Soul 2018 RMX)
10-Your Heart Is Not Open (Peter & the Blue Remix)
11-Bittersweet (Southmind’s Spirituality Mix)
12-Vogue (Southmind’s Salvation Dub)
13-Devil Pray (Alan Pilo’s Devil’s Here to Fool Ya Remix)
14-What It Feels Like For A Girl (Raugez Techno Remix)

Listen HERE

1-Sanctuary (Lukesavant vs. Starboy 2018 Remix)
2-Celebration (Lycan’s Redemption Mashup)
3-Secret (3PM Remix)
4-Miles Away (DeepSoundEffect 2018 Remix)
5-Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You (Rising Sun Remix)
6-Frozen (Southmind’s Save My Soul Mix)
7-Bedtime Stories (Lycan’s Dreams Matter Mashup)
8-Save My HeartBreakCity (Ishay Avital’s Deep House Remix)
9-Papa Don’t Preach (Lukesavant’s Save My Soul 2018 RMX)
10-Broken (Dylan’s No Sympathy Remix)
11-Music (A-Mase OldSchool Remix)
12-Devil Pray (Southmind’s Almost Drowned Mix)
13-Isaac (Loka Nunda’s Stream of Consciousness Remix)
14-If You Go Away (Inco’s Sombre Remix)


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