The Lilliput Biscuits Trilogy – The MADONNA Remixes By IDAHO

Idaho is one of the experts as far as remixing Madonna songs. He also creates great mixes of Mylene Farmer, among others. It was with surprise and delight that I came upon this great trilogy, “The Lilliput Biscuits”. The name is a delight. And this is important because it marks the beginning of a great artist: Idaho.

If you still didn’t have the pleasure of listening to this, please do now. And, you don’t need to be gentle with the producer because this is pretty good.

In his own words:

Et voilà ! 2003 – Lilliput Biscuits Vol. 1
Je vous demanderai un peu d’indulgence (lol), ce sont mes tout premiers remixes smile emoticon
Here it is! Lilliput Biscuits Vol. 1
Have mercy on me (lol), these are my oldest remixes smile emoticon


Lili Volume 1


Lili Volume 2


Lili Volume 3

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