The Ten Most Popular Posts Of March 2015 – MADONNA Leads The Way!

Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Melissa Etheridge, Olivia Newton-John, Peter Rauhofer, MirrorBall Remixes, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Glen Rivera, Mylene Farmer and our Best Diva Ever Poll are the HOT topics/ names of March 2015, the month that marks the return of Music Is My Life – Divas And Other Beings, now with a simpler and more focused name: The Real Music Divas.

MADONNA Rebel Heart (The Unreleased)
“Rebel Heart” by Madonna is a success. It is often considered her best work in ten years. It is not a surprise that all the unreleased tracks of this masterpiece are also a focus of attention.

KYLIE MINOGUE Kiss Me Once – B-Sides & Unreleased
Kylie Minogue has released ” Kiss Me Once” a year ago. Yet, it seems that it is still catching a lot of attention, even though its sales weren’t as good as expected. This collection of B-sides and some unreleased tracks is a “must have” for every fan.

MADONNA The Rebel Heart Demos – The Proof That MADONNA is a Genius
Again, Madonna appears at number three with “The Rebel Heart” demos. A deeper look into her “Rebel Heart” Album.

MELISSA ETHERIDGE Is Gigantic and Titanic on “This Is M.E.” ( 9 Points Out Of 10)
My first review ever ( I really can’t call it that. I am no music critic) got a lot of attention. Melissa Etheridge was my first effort, and it really caught your attention. I already have written something about ” Rebel Heart” by Madonna, but i doubt i will ever publish it.

MADONNA “Hold Tight” surprises by entering the UK Chart
The notice about “Hold Tight” by Madonna entering the UK chart grabbed your attention too. It was an episodic appearence, which is great, considering the track isnt a single.

Olivia Newton – John – Please Don’t Keep Me Waiting (Mirror Ball’s Bella Turner Remix)
MirrorBall Remixes are now a part of our tram. He is remixing the Australian legend, Miss Olivia Newton-John. It is not a surprise that his first post here was a mix of the Diva.A great one.

Best Real Diva Ever!
During this first month, our poll about The Best Diva Ever got 84 voters with a total of 2377 votes. Your Top 10 divas ever are for now:

1) Donna Summer;
2) Olivia Newton-John;
3) Madonna:
4) Kylie Minogue;
5) Cher;
6) Whitney Houston;
7) Diana Ross;
8) Annie Lennox;
9) Bette Midler;
10) Tina Turner

I am proud to say that we have a really great audience already who knows the meaning of the word DIVA. There is no doubt that these ten ladies are always legends!

Exclusive: PETER RAUHOFER is Working Volume 1
Our exclusive about the work of the late Peter Rauhofer has been a hit, once again. And this is more than deserved.

From The Archives: DIANA ROSS vs. DONNA SUMMER The Restructure Mixes by DJ GLENN RIVERA
The combination of two legends, Miss Donna Summer and Miss Diana Ross mixed by Glen Rivera made the ninth place,

Exclusive: MYLENE FARMER – The Complete Unofficial Remixes by Kevin (8 Volumes)
At number ten, it is the re-released deluxe box of Mylene Farmer`s unofficial mixes. The full set of eight CDs created by Keven is online for the very first time since its release.

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