VISIONMIXER Makes ANDREA TRUE CONNECTION Go Barefoot With Exclusive New Mix!

“N.Y., You Got Me Dancing” is a song written and produced by Gregg Diamond and performed by the Andrea True Connection. The song reached #4 on the U.S. club chart, #27 on the Billboard Hot 100, and #89 in Canada in 1977. The song appeared on her 1977 album, White Witch.

VisionMixer had just finished a new mix of the track, and it indeed is a brilliant one! Moreover, we have the exclusive of releasing it to the world. Right at the moment I am writing this, this mix is not available anywhere. It is an honour and these kind of gestures really make me want to go further. Thank you VisionMixer.

Andrea True Connection – N.Y. You Got Me Dancing (Barefoot Boy ViSiON Mix)

Watch a live 1976 complete show with Bruce Kulick:

Only by writing this post did i was aware that Andrea True died on November 7, 2011,at the age of 68. Rest In Peace, Andrea.

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