Which Are The Best Tracks From “Golden” By KYLIE MINOGUE?

“Golden” is the 14th Album released by Australian Diva, Kylie Minogue.

Acording to our readers and friends, “Raining Glitter” is the best track from it. This song is expected to be the third single of “Golden”!

“Dancing” was the first single and it ranks at number 5. It was number 1 on our Divas Chart for 3 weeks.

The following single, and our present number 1, is considered to be the 9th best song from the Album.

The Love celebration, “Sincerely Yours” is the second best song, followed by the Apache inspired “Golden”.

“A Lifetime to repair” is a personal favorite and ranks at number 4!

Read the complete chart below:

1) Raining Glitter 16,04%
2) Sincerely Yours 14,55%
3) Golden 10,44%
4) A Lifetime to Repair 8,20%
5) Dancing 7,83%

6) Music’s Too Sad Without You by Kylie Minogue & Jack Savoretti 6,71%
7) Shelby ’68 5,97%
8) Lost Without You 4,85%
9) Stop Me from Falling 4,47%
10) Every Little Part of Me 4,10%
11) Radio On 3,73%
11) One Last Kiss 3,73%
11) Low Blow 3,73%
14) Live a Little 2,61%
15) Love 2,23%
16) Rollin’ 0,74%

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