Who Is ANNIE LENNOX in 20 Inspirational Praises?

Miss Annie Lennox was our Diva Of The Week. We asked our friends/ to describe her with simple words / expressions.

You may find them below.

It is our simple tribute to a real Legend:
1) Diva!
2) The One And Only!
3) Three Times Amazing!
4) Two Times Adorable!
5) My Biggest Inspiration!
6) Oh My God!
7) Unusual!
8) Unique!
9) Iconic!
10) One Of A Kind!
11) Absolutely Amazing!
12) A Wonderful woman!
13) Gorgeous!
14) The Queen!
15) The Soul Of Eurythmics!
16) Badass!
17) Beautiful!
19) She Must Be And Angel!
20) Timeless!

Boyz Lam
Daniel Mueller
Marco Theuring
George Galindo
Elenilson Nascimento
Danu Spade
Bryan Johnstone
Chad Belicena
Jim Linthwaite
Paulo Azulai
Michael sullivan
Helena Harvey
Maxxwell Mcguire
Linda Holmes
Blandine Andrieu
Frank Mattes
Anita Pain
Gerard Egan
Steve Crump
Brian Jones

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