YAZOO “The Other Side Of Love” : First Top One On Divas Chart ( 3 January 1983)

Divas Chart was born on the 3rd of January of 1983! I have lost the fourth first charts, yeyt you can check this rarity, written by me back on 1983! What a childidh handwriting:

Yazoo with “The Other Side Of Love” was the first Top one …ever!

I was in love with Yazoo at the time. Pity i didnt start the Chart when i really started loving “Music for adults”…

Anyway…it was the start of my eternal love for Miss Alison Moyet! After “Only You”, which i bought on 1982!

I still listen to “The Other Side Of Love” often.

Check Music Is My Life – Divas And Other Beings for Remixes of the song!

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